Make Up Or Masks, Which Is Best For Child Safety?

Whether your child is dressing up for Halloween or another special event, there has always been a question about what to wear on the face. Many children like wearing a mask because it completes the costume more than make-up does. However, if the child is small and not able to control the mask on the face, then the child might have trouble breathing. A mask is good for children who are older and who know how to keep the mask from moving around near the nose.Never heard of this Continue reading

Ten Spooky Costumes Men Can Wear

Men like a little Halloween fun, too. Here are ten spooky costumes for freaking out your friends.

1. Take advantage of your size, and go as Bigfoot. Wear a brown shirt and pants, furry gloves, and a monkey mask.

2. Wear a basketball uniform and skull mask, and go as the Corpse NBA Player.

3. Wear a witch hat and black cape, and go as a warlock. Of course, you’ll have to explain all night that you’re a warlock, not a witch.

4. Go as a Continue reading

Top Ten Halloween Costumes For Adult Women

Although a lot of people think of little kids when they think about Halloween costumes, adult women like to get in on the fun as well. There are countless things that you can dress up as for Halloween, but these are a few favorites. This list includes everything from sexy to scary and everything in-between, meaning that you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the costume that is right for you and your personality.

1. Bunny – Dressing up as a sexy and sleek bunny is always a favorite among adult Continue reading

Halloween Costume And Make Up For Teens

Teenagers want to have fun at Halloween by dressing up with unique costumes and makeup. Kids tend to dress like their favorite cartoon characters, but as the kids mature into teenagers, they will want different styles of costumes.

Teenagers are too young for some of the adult costumes, and they are too old for some of the kid’s costumes. However, some costume stores will have just the right costume to fit a teenager’s lifestyle. A fun costume for a teenager should show off their individuality. Maybe the teenager loves supernatural creatures. Then, the teenager could dress up as Continue reading

Make Up and Costumes for Boys

When they reach a certain age, boys can become difficult about donning a costume, even if it’s just for Halloween. So how can you keep them in the holiday spirit without insulting their emerging self? Here are five costume ideas for young boys.

5: Firefighter/Astronaut/Military Man

If it looks cool, you shouldn’t have a problem convincing him to dress up. These are all outfits he’s probably already seen in movies and on TV.

4: Ninja

Ninja outfits are easy to make (got any black cloth? you’re Continue reading

Some Costume Ideas For Little Boys

Whether your child is looking for a Halloween costume, attending a costume party, or simply would love to dress up around the house, there are some sure-fire costume ideas that your little boy will love.

Buzz Lightyear from Disney’s, “Toy Story,” is one of the most popular costume ideas among little boys. Turn your child into a space cadet that will protect the planet from the evil Emperor Zerg. A full bodysuit with the Buzz Lightyear design will leave your Continue reading

Age Appropriate Costumes for Little Girls

If you have a little girl who wants to dress up for Halloween, there are some costumes that are suitable. Babies are not old enough to get candy, but you can still put a costume on them. Ladybugs and other animals are great for babies because they are usually thicker, and the baby can stay warm. Most toddlers like to play with princesses. There are several princess costumes that you can purchase including Cinderella and Snow White. Tinkerbell is another popular choice for young girls. Girls can dress up Continue reading

Top Five Halloween Costumes For Little Girls

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for a little girl, and the wide range of costumes makes picking one hard sometimes. Here is a list of the top five Halloween costumes for little girls:

1. Princess costumes offer some of the best outfits for little girls. Whether they are a Disney character or simply a tiara and flowing dress, little girls love being a princess.

2. Superhero costumes may work out for Continue reading